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Loretta Woolley~Owner

Loretta was born and raised in Louisiana where she began her passion for cooking with an original teal Easy Bake Oven.  She was always around good food, cooking and big family gatherings.  She has 12 siblings, one of which is her identical twin sister.  Loretta eventually out grew her Easy Bake Oven and began helping prepare food for large family gatherings. 


She realized quickly that she had a knack for the culinary arts and in 1998 she moved to Asheville with her husband and high school sweet heart to open Loretta’s Café.  The café is now an Asheville downtown staple, still feeding the bankers, brokers, lawyers, hospitals and downtown characters great soups, salads and sandwiches.  The cafe grew out the original location and now can be found at 114 N. Lexington Avenue, still servicing a solid regular local clientele.  The new 3 story building also houses Loretta's Catering with a 3rd floor event space for private & community events!

After the café was well on its way to success, Loretta decided it was time to open up the full-service restaurant that she had always wanted.  In 2003, Mayfel’s opened its doors at 22 College Street, across from Pritchard Park.  She named the restaurant after her grandma Mayfel or Mary Felonaise.

Loretta can now be found at her restaurants, hiking throughout Western North Carolina with her posse of dogs, husband and friends or drinking cocktails and enjoying good food and good company anywhere in-between.  She is active in many local animal welfare associations by volunteering time, adopting dogs, hosting fundraisers, donating food and finances.  She also is passionate about the environment and actively supports local and global environmental efforts.